Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines Day.....

Now... who's idea was this? I know sanity is supposedly not statistical but somebody, please, tell me am not crazy to think this thing's been blown way out of proportion. I don't do well with dates... no not those kind of dates.... I mean dates like important event dates..... birthdays, anniversaries, holidays etc. Probably because I don't think they are really as important as..... well..., unless they mean I get to stay home and still get paid as if I worked the shirt off my back.

Anyway, I'd all but forgotten about valentines day till I had this(IM) conversation as soon as I got to work this morning. I was so tickled senseless by the craziness of it all that I decided to post it here for, hopefully, your bemusement and mine. I have changed the names to minimize any cyber-embarrassment risk to either the parties involved or the 'great' company that puts bread and internet capabilities on my table. SA for Secret Admirer is a girl at my workplace that I could have..... ahem!....(sorry! Lost in translation) until I changed my mind. Am sure her version of what transpired is materially different but you won't find it on this blog.

SA [11:49 AM]: good morning

KK [11:50 AM]: hi dear

I was looking for u yesterday

SA [11:50 AM]: you were??? I was here

KK [11:50 AM]: Not when I looked... u must have signed in late

SA [11:51 AM]: oh maybe....

how have you been?

KK [11:51 AM]: Alright.... u?

SA [11:52 AM]: I'm good thanks....

KK [11:52 AM]: Where are my cookies at?

SA [11:52 AM]: i am picking htem up on the 16th

sorry the 26th

KK [11:53 AM]: Ok... I might have money by then

If am still alive

SA [11:53 AM]: why wouldn't you be???

KK [11:53 AM]: I may have starved to death

SA [11:53 AM]: lol

are you sending me flowers tomorrow?

KK [11:54 AM]: most people give me food or money for it.... but if I get any flowers

SA [11:55 AM]: you should just send them to me, from you.... and your heart

KK [11:56 AM]: They cost money.... which my heart is currently short on

I wouldn't be starving otherwise

SA [11:57 AM]: do you get paid every 2 weeks?

KK [11:57 AM]: yeah... and?

SA [11:58 AM]: what the heck do you do with all that money??

KK [11:58 AM]: Oh... Its all gone b4 it even hits my bank

SA [11:59 AM]: that's not good

KK [12:00 PM]: tell me about it

I'd drink to that but you'd have to buy

SA [12:00 PM]: what about your taxes?

KK [12:01 PM]: I pay them too why/


SA [12:02 PM]: no, didn't you file them???? and get money back

KK [12:02 PM]: No...not yet... the tax preparers want money too

its a vicious circle

SA [12:03 PM]: you can do them for free online

KK [12:03 PM]: Really? Did u do urs


SA [12:04 PM]: yes, they are done

KK [12:04 PM]: Why don't you get me flowers then/

Better yet how about a meal or two?

SA [12:05 PM]: because i am always the person buying... i wold finally like someone to buy for me

KK [12:06 PM]: I see... I would love to do the buying... if only I could

SA [12:07 PM]: Well I do love to buy things for people. But once inawhile it's nice to get things too

KK [12:08 PM]: I so agree with you

SA [12:08 PM]: life sucks i guess..... nothing for me

KK [12:10 PM]: don't worry.... we r in the same boat

I think love is mostly misunderstood and in the process constantly misused. I would love to make that my noble quest; to figure out the real meaning of love, but am currently short on nobility... You lose all pretenses when starvation sets in... my sole ambition right now is to secure a full meal.


bryjoe said...

happy vals!
still on for that "swing date"?

KK said...

ty Bry...... not sure... yet to hear back from her

modoathii said...


all the best, if you manage to 'fathom' love...let me know dude!

KK said...

@ Modo
I do have theory... will keep u posted