Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy New Year peeps!

Hope it is going well for all y'all and that not only did Santa come visiting this past X-Mass, but that he brought at least one of the items on your lists. Speaking of which, some of you may recall this, the infamous list that Kei started sometime early last year. Well, it turns out that he never quite completed the darn list. He actually didn't go further than the silly clock he had mentioned then. That of course should not come as a surprise to those of us who know this boy, finishing is not one of his strong points.

Apparently, Santa, after hearing of it through the grapevine, or perhaps, after chancing on Kei's blog while stealing his employer's bandwidth, decided to cut him (Kei) a break and not bypass his chimney-less house this past season. And not having much of a list to go on, he must have decided to guess at what Kei might have wanted to put on the said list..... And obviously he doesn't know Kei very well, or nearly as well as I do, coz no way in hell would I have picked this particular gift for Kei. Heck, judging from the 'deer caught in the headlights' look that has been in his eyes these past three weeks or so, Kei himself would never had picked the gift, let alone put it on a list.

Oh Yeah! you should have seen the shock that had registered on his face when he had unwrapped it and found a shapely, 5' 4" c-cupped figure with flawless dark skin. The shock had given way to some indescribable emotion when he had caught a flash of the sparkling whites. Now, he should have known better than to look a gift horse in the mouth. Granted, this was no plain horse and her killer smile made it hard to look elsewhere... but still, a rule is a rule is a rule....innit?

Anyway, our boy is mulling over the dilemma of his life. He would have liked to have been able to re-wrap the gift and return it to the store it came from but Santa did not leave a receipt. So, he (Kei) is stuck with the gift, at least for now. So, if he is not around to indulge your voyeuristic tendencies, he is either busy writing to Santa to get him to send that receipt, or he's out there trying to figure out how this gift works. Santa, apparently, forgot to leave the user's manual too.

But don't you worry, I will be here to try and keep you entertained and perhaps wash some of his dirty laundry:)

Speaking of which, his love hate relationship with one Brianna is finally over. The said relationship took a turn for the worse this past Sunday following yet another New England storm, spurn out of control, hit an embankment, flipped and rolled down the hill and finally came to rest at the rock bottom..... Ahem! I meant the edge of the woods. When the smoke, and the snow, had finally settled, Kei was the only one left standing, and that only with the help of amazed bystanders.

He was virtually unscathed, though I suspect the wounds are inside..... As I type this, he is still besides himself with grief at the unexpected demise of his 'baby'.

Personally, I think its about time that relationship ended anyways.... she had the unpleasant habit of making him dip into our drinking budget, and actually every other budget, one too many times. Not to mention the amount of grief she put him through over the years. I don't care how sexy she looked and sounded, personally I think VR6 engines are overrated; and big, loud straight exhaust pipes are juvenile. The only thing I'll miss is the cold air intake.... n even that, just a little.