Thursday, November 18, 2010

So it happened again….

“Reality is fake, dreams are for real” …Tupac Shakur

Once again, this morning, from a nightmare I arose

….twice or thrice a week, these past months, I’ve had this same dream….. that I’d wake up one day, thirty and old, with nary a bit to show, for the score and a half of a pitiful existence, but a resume replete with unfinished masterpieces, amazing fetes half pulled, and a bright future barely lived….. and ……. twice or thrice every week, I reached for me bottle…. and shivering, I’d took a swig, to help brave the day, and wash away the cold sweat that had broken in my mind…… glad that it was just a dream.

Once again, this morning, from the same nightmare I arose

….. with one arm I reached out and wiped the cold sweat that had broken on my brow, and blindly searched with the other for my escape…. and as I swung it desperately towards my mouth, it finally dawned on me…. Tupac may have been right, but now he was dead.

Half full my ass…. the fucking bottle is empty, and this is not a dream….. life’s a bitch innit!