Friday, December 28, 2007


Benazir is dead..... Kenyans flock to the electral booths to do the little they can to influence their future...... More people dead in Baghdad as the real estate economy in the Us continues to take a plunge..... The Queen of England fiddles with YouTube..... One of the desperate housewives desperately wants a baby and all am worried about is where I'll get the money to pay my rent, my debts and my school fees.


Why is the question that I ask
Why do I act like I act
Why can't I let go
of the past
Why is it such
a monumental task?

Guardian Angel

I need a guardian angel
to closely watch my heart
one that won't doze off
and let a thief slip in
that won't allow no tresspassers
nor loiterers nor squatters
to guard the value that
lies within

Thursday, December 27, 2007

College Money Blues

Ever heard of them blues
Time to go back to school
But I n I needs to buy new shoes
The old ones dem fine
‘cept that dey show my toes
which ain’t dat bad
but for all their flaws
That, tho’, I could live with,
(‘s matter of fact I do)

Its just that I can’t stand my peers
Walking by with upturned noses
Now, I don’t know, I may be wrong but,
aren’t they breakin some law?
These college money blues

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Love at first sight!

Love at first sight! Now who believes in that anymore..... certainly not I..... I know it doesn't exist coz last time I thought it had happened to me, I ended up suffering from a broken heart and very disappointed with love and all things mushy mushy. Hence, my assertion that Cupid's playing a prank on me; For last night I saw a girl... and oh! what a sight! My first glimpse of her, she was turned away from me. But even at almost fifty feet away, her figure seemed to call at me. My gaze was drawn to her perfectly sculpted figure - softly curved shoulders that fit perfectly into the black shirt that clung so possesively to her tiny back that in turn tapered to the tiniest waist..... Her shirt was untucked and you could see a little of the army green t-shirt that she wore underneath. Small boyish hips, only noticeble - it seemed- because of the tiny waist, fit just right in the dark blue jeans. And you could just make out the outline of her legs down to the stylish flat soled sneakers on her feet