Sunday, August 17, 2008

And so I will wait for you - Beres Hammond

Yes.... I went and I saw. Did I get a worthy date? Well, I'm not so sure they were worthy... but nevertheless, what they may have lacked in quality they sure made up in quantity.... Yes, I had me two girls and no they did not know each other before last night.... though, I must say they do have a lot in common.... other than knowing me that is. They are two from my post on opposites. For a few hours there last night, my IQ and my self esteem and God only knows what else, went up a notch....... But that is neither here nor there.. no?

So, in typical K-Fashion... I woke up all psyched up for the concert. No, I lie..... I was woken up by some incessant banging at the back of my head. I tried to open my eyes but could only manage a squint. Right then my phone rang and as I said a throaty hello, I realized that the big one had finally caught up with me. I was having the mother of all hangovers. To cut a long story short, after writhing and retching and tossing and turning.... for two hours, I finally got out of bed and swore never to touch another drink.

So later that afternoon, I picked Mike up... we were to pass by Sam's place for some 'nyama choma' before heading out to Boston. We had plenty of time, we figured. It was only 6:30p and the concert didn't start till 9p. And you know how it is... they say 9 but, 9 is when the singer's plane is taking off from Jamaica. But we were supposed to pick up our dates in Boston, and you know how girls are. Well, if you are one you probably don't so just ignore that last jab.

Anyway, thing is, Sam, by the time we got to his place, had not roasted the goat yet.... So by the time we decided we had enough time to cook it, prepared the spare ribs, ran to the store to replace the empty propane cylinder... it was 9 PM by the time we hurriedly feasted on the poor goat. I was so...... ummm... frustrated by then, I broke my resolution and had three or so shots of Captain Morgan.


At 11PM we are about two blocks from Lidos when we run smack right into a traffic jam. Didn't take long to figure that they were all headed to the same place we were so I did a quick uieee and parked the car at the nearest parking spot and we walked to the club. Line was all the way around the building... and no, there was no VIP entrance... not that it would have made any difference anyway, coz we don't roll like that.

Now, the last two concerts I've been to, there was no line, the performers didn't begin till like half past 11.... and even one - Luciano, actually didn't make it to the stage till 12:45 for a 15 minutes performance.... And both those times, I thought the place was packed... but boy was I wrong. Last night it was really packed. Let me just put it this way, sardines have it nice... they've never been packed like this.

Anyway, Beres and his Harmony Band performed to a sell out crowd in Boston, and he had just gotten onto the stage when we made our grand, though hardly noticed, entrance. He performed all those favorite love ballads we all love him for....

I wish you could stay longer
Putting up a resistance
Can you play some more
No Disturb Sign
Queen and a Lady
It's not official
Tempted to touch

.....and then some.

And the man can perform. I mean, for a guy who was already an established singer when I was born, the guy can perform. He sang non-stop, and danced like a twenty year old.....

Finally, at 12:30 he sang 'Rock Away' on his way out and me and my two steps.... sang 'I wish you would stay longer'


31337 said...

glad you had a rocking good time now did you make it back home with one or both the lasses?

smelling the coffee said...

even me i want to listen to beres hammond. even me!!

Sybella said...

lol... 3. a gentleman is not suppposed to kiss and tell!

Maua said...

U sure do know how to keep time. I keep thinking 'I wish I was there'. I'd have yelled, 'Can you play some more'.

Glad you made it.