Monday, June 1, 2009

Groan... Madaraka Day my f....

(Addendum to prior post)

Running, I'm finding, is quite liberating. I am so sore..... all my muscles, some I had no idea even existed, are speaking out.... nah, shouting in protest is more like it.

On the other hand, I am now living fast.... like literally. Went drinking last night and what do you know, I already caught up with my hangover and overtook it. I can actually look back and smile... now ain't that something.

O.K. Gotta keep going.... can't linger around here if I am serious about getting away from myself.

Lord I got to keep on moving
Lord I got to get on down
Lord I've got to keep on moving
Where I can't be found,
Lord they coming after me
- Bob Marley


|d®| said...

Whatever you do, keep running, they say. It'll hurt worse if you stop. In a few days your body will be used to it & you'll be aight.

You just might've encouraged me to go back to jogging. Maybe.

voiced thots said...

i see u are doing well..keep running...

Loco said...

Haha, now now, you got yourself into it! Good luck with the marathon though, how many KM?! And maybe I should start running as a hangover cure.... hmmm... oh wait, I don't get those,yipeee, no running for me!!! Errr what's that, the door? Oh okay fine, I'm showing myself out :p

Shiko-Msa said...

Keep walking. OOps. Keep running. But that would make you Jonnie Runner.

Maua said...

I thot of joining you, but the registration for the London Marathon is closed till 2011. Don't worry, I'll be cheering you. Go Kei, Go Kei.

I'm hoping that's what the post is about, ama I have to go back find the real thing.

KK said...

@|d®| Dude, how many is a few... It's been a few too many as far as I'm concerned.
@Voiced Thanks.
@Loco... Please let the door hit you on your way out:)
@Shiko - LOL! No Jonnie here.
@Maua ... That is an excuse. And yes, u got it on the first try... for the first part anyway. Now go back and find the deeper meaning to life. It's in there somewhere... of that I'm almost sure.

pink m said...

Keep running, keep living.

I find running disturbingly itchy.

Sleek said...