Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So what keeps me up at night...?

Mr Darius was curious to know...

A new 'Hardy Boys' used to be all it took... then I turned 12. After that it was any novel I could get my hands on, be it a mere 250 pages or an 800 pages one. My written english improved ten-fold and my eyesight deteriorated at least twice as much. Which is why I can't stay up at night.... By the end of the day... well, maybe not the end, but by midnight, which as we speak... or type if you may, is but ten minutes away, my eyes are hurting so bad, the only remedy left is to shut them for a couple of hours.

In the last fifteen or so years I have learnt quite a bit, although I have to admit that most of it I have just as quickly lost as I have gained. But, one thing I know for certain I have learnt and retained is this; it is impossible to count all those sheep with my eyes closed. With luck I'll get to twenty... but usually I'm passed out before I can say eleven:)


joyunspeakable said...

sheep? you lost me.

Anonymous said...


SE said...

It used to be TMZ, til the piss of a network named Fox decided they weren't going to rebroadcast it at midnight.

Now it's Chelsea Lately, Monique and Wendy Williams (don't judge me), plus the ghetto fabulous people who live in the building down the block and the sounds of cats in heat. Ugh.

Mo said...

So jealous; I probably count to a a few hundred. On average. Insomnia is a heartless bitch.

Anonymous said...

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