Saturday, February 27, 2010


I'm Hurting Inside

When I was just a little child,
Happiness was there awhile.
Then from me, yeah, it slipped one day.
Happiness, come back, I say.
'Cause if you don't come, I've got to go lookin'
for happiness.
Well, if you don't come, I've got to go lookin',
Lord, for happiness, happiness.
- Bob Marley

So I went looking for happiness... and I was not disappointed. In California I found her, walking along the white sandy beach; singing in the cheery breeze; the sparse clouds dancing lightly to her tune; and the big yellow sun, orange with tan, lounged lazily against the sky, smiling indulgently as her words floated by.

I fell on my knees and begged her please... come back with me to the northeast, if only for a little while at least. She paused for a moment and I thought I saw her eyes mist... before she turned and skipped along, singing again as if I didn't even exist.

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