Sunday, April 3, 2011

A prisoner in my own mind.............................

Behind these prison walls
Doing my paces
Doing my time
I am, Spending my restless nights
Visioning faces
Oh they all crying
Prison ah nuh bed a roses
The livity it makes me ball
I wish that jah could come and take us back in time
Cause I swear
That I can be a better man
Yes I swear, if only you could understand
The faith in me shall set me free reflection
The faith in me shall set me free reflection
Jah Cure - Prison Wall

Sitting here, at the bottom of this deep dark sea that is the unfortunate circumstance of my life, my ambitions firmly anchored to an unremarkable past, I watch listlessly as my hapless imagination struggles towards an improbable future.... A prisoner of time


Maua said...

Time for parole, and hereby granted.

Yaya.De'Erika.Liston said...

truw indepth made me stop nd think for a minute i like :}

VnLotus said...

Your blog is so nice!