Saturday, October 1, 2011

Unstoppable? Nah! Not The Bilas train

It all started when I met a woman on a train...... Remember 'The Tourist'? 

I'm Les.... I'm Kei.... There the similarities end.

I'd been standing by the window like I normally did... looking out towards the horizon.... watching the hills roll on peacefully by. There was nothing on my mind... and it felt good. Peace, like the hills, I thought.

She'd been walking by.... Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her slow down as she glanced my way, hesitate a moment then step up to the window, a few inches to my right, and exclaim how beautiful it was.

I'd smiled and nodded in agreement then I'd sought the beauty she was referring to and not quite seen it... just the peace.

Les: Kei? That's an interesting name.... extending a tiny manicured hand. Nice to meet you.

Kei: Nice to meet you too... Clasping it with my slightly calloused one. Les?

Les: Yes.... Short for Leslie. Did you just get on?

Kei: On?

Les: The bilas train....

Kei: Oh... No... It's been over five months now.

Les: Oh Honey... Then you just got on. 

A wry smile lingering on her face as she added that it's been five years since. 

Wow! Did she say five years....

Kei: No shit... five years?

Not bothering to hide my surprise as I studied her with renewed interest.

Les: I know... Can't hardly believe it myself.

I noted the sun-bleached blonde hair, the spidery lines around her sparkly blue eyes.... the little etches on her taut cheeks, the sun burnt skin, the small bloused frame.... b cups, tiny waist, slightly curvy hips down to the lines of her thighs beneath the fitted skirt to her nicely defined ankles.

Kei: Don't tell me... someone kidnapped you and is holding you hostage.

Mid to late forties... I figured she must be. 

Les: Hahaha... exposing two rows of small perfectly polished teeth. I wish. But look at you... what are you doing aboard? I'm sure you have no problem getting laid.

Kei: But I do.... I just can't seem to be able to close the deal. The gentleman in me is always getting in my way. I quipped but only half jokingly.

Les: Self cockblocking.... how unmanly.

Kei: Yeah.... Tell me about it. But how about you? Do you just not like sex or what is your hold up?

Les: Condoms.

Kei: Condoms? Nearly choking on the syllables.

... TBC

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Maua said...

Where part 2? Waiting!