Thursday, February 9, 2012


As a new chapter begins.... so ends the other. 

So we went back to the crossroads the other day.... It had been a couple of years since and the management had changed, but not much else. The long line to the lone restroom and the packed dancefloor remained.... Taking care to avoid both this time; I sat at the bar instead and reminisced on a time gone by. Leah is married now and with child... I smile ruefully as I remembered that conversation, still fresh even four months later. 
Her: "Hey K... long time." All cheery..... and shit 
Me: "I know, how have you been?" Imitating cheery tone 
Her: "I've been alright.. you?" 
Me: "Not bad.... Congratulations by the way." Remembering my manners 
Her:" O.M.G....... Who told you?" With what I thought was mock astonishment 
Me: "About the wedding?" Not sure what the big deal was 
Her: "No.... Oh!... Crap....." Realizing that the previously non-existant cat was halfway out the bag n wasn't going back 
Me: "Wait... what? Do you have something else I should be congratulating you on?"
Her: "Uhmmmm..... maybe." 
Me: "Wait..... Are you pregnant?" Like what else could it be short pause 
Her: "I am..... " with some repressed pride somehow coming through 

Long pause on my part.... How long does a pregnancy last again? 

Her: "O.M.G. K... are you counting months?" Now that has got to be mock astonishment 
Me: "What... nooo....." 
Her:"Whatever man.... no It Is Not Yours..." But it could have been you moron. 
Me: "No?" Hoping the mock astonishment is taken as such. 
Her: "Sorry hun... am only five months along." Guess it wasn't. 

Short pause as again I pull up that handy calendar tucked away somewhere in my head. 

Her: "Ok... you really need to stop counting... Vegas was more than nine months ago." 
Me: "Oh... Thank Goodness..... whatever happened there was supposed to stay there." All high n mightyish. 
Her: "What happened?" In that tone specially designed to take the air out of overinflated egos. 
Me: "Nothing I guess.... and obviously we can't repeat it this year no?" Tone intentionally laced with regret. 
Her: "You could.... Definitely don't need me for that."

I ordered another glass of Scotch.... I had really been looking forward to Vegas this year.

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