Thursday, December 27, 2007

College Money Blues

Ever heard of them blues
Time to go back to school
But I n I needs to buy new shoes
The old ones dem fine
‘cept that dey show my toes
which ain’t dat bad
but for all their flaws
That, tho’, I could live with,
(‘s matter of fact I do)

Its just that I can’t stand my peers
Walking by with upturned noses
Now, I don’t know, I may be wrong but,
aren’t they breakin some law?
These college money blues


Crystal balls said...

well, that depends...are you a shoe person? personally, my feet, like my hair, enjoy ventilation. ;)

KK said...

I am a shoe person... well, I like good things and shoes count in there too.... Mine is more of a self image issue.... If everyone else had as old or as tired looking shoes as mine.... I'd be less self conscious....

Anonymous said...

i know exactly what you mean as i am going through the same thing right now...reg week and thinking bout next week gives me a head ache coz my wardrobe needs new sets of jeans and t's