Friday, December 28, 2007


Benazir is dead..... Kenyans flock to the electral booths to do the little they can to influence their future...... More people dead in Baghdad as the real estate economy in the Us continues to take a plunge..... The Queen of England fiddles with YouTube..... One of the desperate housewives desperately wants a baby and all am worried about is where I'll get the money to pay my rent, my debts and my school fees.


Crystal balls said...

at last, an honest soul !!!

trust me, worrying about the state of the world is a luxury you can't afford until your bills are paid.

(gasp, and that says i'm a lot better off than i realise...!!?!)

Anonymous said...

bills bills bills, you cant forget about them, you cant live without them..sobs

Anonymous said...
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