Tuesday, May 6, 2008

No apt title

Excuse me while I light my spliff; (spliff)
Good god, I gotta take a lift: (lift)
From reality I just cant drift; (drift)
Thats why I am staying with this riff. (riff)

Easy Skanking _ Bob Marley

So I picked up the forbidden fruit last night… It was, shall we say, ripe for the picking. Like a mango… you know.

I could tell it was ripe from the full, fruity aroma that emanated from the porous skin. So soft It was, to the touch, gently yielding to the slight press of my fingers… succulent.

It was for sale I assumed… for I was in the black market; though no one was there to demand payment for it. A lucky break, I figured, as I wielded it in my hands... as if I'd done it before; and walked, nonchalantly I hoped, down the nearly empty aisles, struggling not to glance around furtively, and all the time expecting a 'Halt!' command to accompany the tap on my shoulder, from the long arm of the law.

Finally, I made it to the gates… slipped it onto the passenger seat…. and drove home… with one eye on the road.

And my fingers, I literally had to pry them off of it… to shift the gear.


Curious thing happened when I got home… I did not rise to the occasion, and indulge my craving.
Choosing instead, to stare at it for the remainder of the night… in contemplation. A single bite, is all it would take, I was sure… but I dared not.

I stared and I wondered…

I dreamt... having fallen asleep, I dreamt that I'd had it. Savoured the sweetness of it.... smudged it all over my face... nibbling at the skin, then biting off huge chunks of it, the juices freely running, from the corners of my lips... down my fingers.... sticky fingers, eeky almost. I breathed it in... licked my lips, bit off another chunk... and like that it went on forever... an orgy of sorts....

A wet, sticky affair.... long into the night.... quenched thirsts, sated cravings.... eternal bliss... and the knowledge...


I woke up with a start... half expecting to glance down and find my skivvies gone.... and the creator upset.... impatiently calling me out... You know, like in the bible.

I glanced around... the fruit was still there, unbitten still.... but just as appealing in the brightness of the morning.. The rays of the sun, reflecting off the yellow tinge of its skin... invitingly.

I stared and I wondered.


Anonymous said...

will be back in the morning to decipher this when i shall be deemed suitably awake and might have a few milligrams of caffeine in the blood.

mangoes come to mind, perhaps i am just craving one. I would say melons, i miss those too but i can hardly describe them as pliant...


Anonymous said...

er...i don't know what you're talking about...but i'm pretty sure it's not what i think you're talking about...i prefer pears myself. less messy, more noisy. like carrots, but without the orange, or the Bugs. ;)

Maua said...

I was waiting to read that you woke up to find it rotten, but then, like everyone else, I'm thinking it's really not a real fruit,is it?

Be silent said...

Wow this is Mind Blowing i was looking at this Mango while i read

Sabby said...


Forbidden Fruit = apple?

Yellow Apple?

lol I ain't no good at deciphering...dang!

joyunspeakable said...

forbidden fruit?

are you sure? are you sure? are you sure?

who said it is a forbidden fruit anyway? Did He really say it was forbidden?

this was not a fruit kk....no?
this was something else....yah?
this was...........(25 marks)

please use a maximum of ten words to fill in the gap.

KK said...

teheeee tehehehe
Btwn me and you... it was not a fruit u would be tempted to share with your best friend.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

KK is the fruit still forbidden any more these days? Judging from the current worldwide rate of indulgence? hehehee. Please finish the story ama? Lol.

KenyaUnlimited said...

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KBW Admin

Anonymous said...

There. The long arm of the law you were afraid of (KBW Admin) have reached you. Good that the fruit is still uneaten. Enda kajibu mashtaka sasa.

Anonymous said...

haiya makanjo!


Maua said...

Why u keep me in suspense in that mannerism? Be take your careful ohh, I go find the African Mango and I go no share now. Ehh.

Kafai. said...

Hilarious! Am glad I finally moved my lazy fingers and checked you out. Did you know the more you stare at said fruit, the harder it will be to resist sinking those lascivious teeth of yours?

---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- said...

Am sure there is sequel to this.