Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Of coming and going; literally speaking

The biggest form of miscommunication is the assumption that communication has taken place - quoted by Angelo Nardone - 08SL

It was written recently by this blogger as referenced by 3l33t here how the spoken English can be errm.... misspoken... or taken entirely out of intended context to mean... well... click on the damn links.

Given my fascination with the English language... the simple, people's, language that is, I find I now have to watch my language... keenly, just in case somebody else is watching it, for a slip up so to speak. But that is neither hither nor thither.

Oops! I probably just misused the darn language right there... but I don't care, I always wanted to use that phrase somewhere somehow and just didn't know how or where.

But that again is neither here nor there.

In other, unrelated, news... this semester finally came to a head.


Should mean that I might be able to squeeze a lil' writing into my schedule.... Just a little b'coz on my struggling artist's budget... and with such an unrelentingly stingy readership (no one has put down a dime as down payment yet), all I can afford is a little.

So this past Saturday, figuring I should probably get going on 'Me I...' already, I started to write. I figured that blogging chronologically meant that I start it on the latest part of my life and walk y'all backwards. That way, whatever day you start reading it (the blog book version).... you will just read continuously down... from the oldest of the life-events to the newest.... right?

I sure hope that makes sense to you... coz its clear as daylight... on a cloudy day... to me. If you are having trouble following me.... just picture that scene in 'the gods must be crazy' where Xi the bushman, seated on the bonnet(hood), is steering the the runaway Land-Rover as it speeds backwards. So, conversationally speaking, the reverse is in that case reversed literally, and should he have somehow managed to shift gears and head the other way... that would technically have been reversing.

Still don't get it? Well don't worry about it.... that too is neither here nor there.

So I started to write... using the previous day as my point of reference... right?

I thought back to my comings and goings... tried very hard to remember what had come of my resolutions from that morning, but my memory failed me. All I remembered was a feeling of disappointment at the end of the day.

I remembered night time coming, and plans of going to the movies falling thru.... Those had eventually been replaced with others of sleeping over... but then sleep had refused to come, no matter how much I tried.

Tired of trying, I had turned to her for solace... or comfort... or help with the coming... but nothing doing. Finally we'd given up, overcome by fatigue from the exertion, and before I'd known it, sleep had come... and gone, and it was morning again.

And I was real cozy.... way too cozy. So cozy that everything came, and went, too fast too soon... prematurely even.

I figured there wasn't much about the comings and goings of that particular day that would interest you. So I went back a day further... to my meeting with the devil... well her spouse really, but by then I was too tired..... and not just from the coming; or the going.


Tandra said...


but thats niether here nor there, has nothing to do with comings and goings and the rising sun or lack there of :-)

Anonymous said...

i have no idea what you're on about, but i'm glad you're back :)

actually the writing backwards to read forwardsa actually makes sense to me...i understand you!

no, wait, i actually understand you!!!! i am now very very worried for myself...

Anonymous said...

actually, that was way too many actuallies, actually. forgive me, it's the [lack of] chocolate

Mo Ma said...

You know, I'd like to give a meaningful comment but - I just cleaned the flat, my sinuses are inflamed and head is heavy and foggy and - I simply find myself unable to.

Hence I shall leave this meaningless comment. Humour me and react as if you just read the Lliad of comments.

Anonymous said...

forget coming or going. i have no clue what here happens. just write the bloody thing will you?


Maua said...

This is neither here nor there, and I've no clue whether you are coming or going.

I agree with 31337, just come with the thing. You've put too much tamaa, and we all want the damn thing.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

KK I've just completed that homework I promised to do. Head to

It may explain the shidas we were talking about on the other side. Lol.

Cinderella said...

it is to be totally lost... are you feeling alright?

KK said...

Thanks Shiko... I shall be more prudent in the use of my cellie. Will consider naming one of my girls after you if my use of the cellphone technology so far has not rendered my seed useless.

beth♥ said...

I love that you found a way to use 'hither and thither' just because you wanted to! Yay!

Oh ... and 'The Gods Must Be Crazy' imagery was SPOT ON! Loved it!