Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Australia: The Movie

Having arrived at the movies ten minutes late... typical you might say, we found the movie already started. I don't think we missed much other than the previews which to me are usually the best parts but what can I say. Anyway, the first full minute of the movie... a scene that started with a young aboriginal boy swimming in a river, with a black stallion.... which then cut to the kid on the same horse, racing across a great desert and screeching to a halt in front of a wooden stockade, had my wanderlust pining for Australia - the country... but that is not what this post is about.

I just read this here article and I couldn't agree more with the heading. This particular movie venture was a rather impromptu affair hurriedly forced upon me by some storm that suddenly blew up in my part of the world this past week; Let us call it Lucy for now... trust me, Katrina didn't have nothing on her. Anyway, I picked this movie, not because I new anything about it or had even seen the trailer.... and thank God coz I most likely would not have gone based on the trailer, but because it was the only one showing at a convenient time.

I am most definitely not a movie buff.... and while I've seen lots of movies with Kidman and Jackman in them, only the X-Men series comes to mind.... Actually in Australia, I kept expecting Wolverine's claws to emerge every time Jackman got into a fight. Australia I don't think will be slipping from my memory anytime soon, and it has nothing to do with those two. Nullah (Brandon Walters) in his movie debut managed, in my eyes, to steal the movie...... How? Oh! Crap... I'll have to watch the damn movie again to be able to tell you how.


Tandra said...

i had to comment in protest.

i just spend minutes of my life to find out what???

one word for u... BEEF!

next time, no post writing if it just ends like that!

Crystal balls said...

so now... i want to watch this movie? i'm confused...*scratching head**

31337 said...

me i have not even watched it yet. must do austraria soon.