Friday, December 12, 2008

Non-essential? Me? No way....

Apparently yes way. Ten O'clock, which on regular Friday mornings would find me finally settling down to actually working, after wasting an hour n a half having breakfast and searching the internet in earnest for the motivation to work, found me this morning settling down on my couch, wondering for a bit what the hell to do with myself.

Being one of what was termed, non-essential staff, I was sent home a few minutes after getting to work this morning due to there being no power(electricity) in our work building. The winter storm, that apparently happened last night, took out half the trees in the neighborhood, which in turn, having sworn never again to go down alone, took out several essential electric poles and wires with them, rendering a whole business district and the residences around it powerless. But its not like they hadn't been warned.... I mean, haven't we been telling them that mother nature cannot ignore the birdies they've been flicking at her all this time forever? Wasn't it Crystal who told them to find a bunker or a bible.... Me I said get both.

Anyway, for all her issues, and she's got quite a few, mother nature does have quite a talent when it comes to painting landscapes and shit. I mean, she can actually turn a dreary looking background into a most breathtaking view, in the time it takes to say... (insert choice expletive)... or as was in my case, the time it takes to sleep off a double shot of rum in a little bit of coke.

O.k... I was gunning for a thousand words but the computer repair guy just called and I won't have enough time...... So I'll let these pictures do the rest for me:)


My view when I got up.


With the window down....duh!

100_0003 100_0004 100_0006What's up with this. I now can't see my beautiful neighbor getting dressed this morning... damn Ice!


100_0009 Highway.. on my way to work.


Only way to explain this is that they managed to effectively camouflage themselves. How else did they evade mother nature's icy paint brush?

100_0015 100_0012 100_0018 100_0019

Brianna n I were visibly shaken at the sight of these waters. They have previously cost us al lot, in terms of time, funds, engines and what not.




100_0026 this lane is usually lined with cars at around two o'clock when the shifts change. I guess it won't be the case today.

I decided to take a different route home... hopefully get gas somewhere.

100_0030 100_0032100_0031

I guess I was not the only one fascinated by the phenomena.



No power no gas...Whaaat! And Bri pining for gas... whaat!


Crazy folk all over the place. This dude drove by so fast in his four wheeler.....


School is open? U ain't catching me dead in there. Oh! Wait, I don't go to school... so uhmmm... neva mind.100_0039100_0036

Do I see a green light at the end of the tunnel?


Something... Must be one of the aliens that were slaving all night.


100_0043 Bri and I so sympathize..... We've been here before. We know firsthand how it feels:(

100_0044Clearly, America does run on Dunkins. Must be the only Dunkin Donuts that is running...

100_0045 Twenty minutes and twenty dollars later...... My curiosity and her fuel tank both satisfied....


Home is just past that last tree that seems to be hanging over the road:)


Tandra said...

awww... u posted pictures!!! i so proud of u

Crystal balls said...

i was rather hoping for a full body shot...of Bri ;) Pretty please?