Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy New Year! Again.... Not; or... Changaa by any other name is still as lethal

Hi Peeps... for those who've been worrying, wondering what the hell happened to me... Well, here I am, very much alive and brimming with energy; ready to take on this new year with... ahem!... gusto!

For those of you who had not been worrying.... Well, fret not, for there was nothing to worry about.... other than, that is, worry itself.... Oh! Oh! and that usurper that has taken to impersonating me of late and peddling his puny self as my alter ego or something. Please be very careful when dealing with him. Actually if I were you, I would not deal with him at all... but am not you now... am I? Hic!

Last year, today, I was still reeling from the improbable loss to the Giants by my beloved (then) Patriots as I finally sat down to hastily put down on paper (virtual) my goal(s) for the new year. This year is no different.... I happened to have bet heavily on the underdog Cardinals, and I'm yet to get rid of the terrible aftertaste of defeat... Which is why, even as I type, I am washing down a tasteless Brazilian fare with copious amounts of Captain Morgan and ice even as I try to bring this already long narrative to the point(s).

Last year I went the theme route.... whereby I took a phrase I knew very little about, not having bothered to look it up on wiki, and decided that I was going to live my life that year with that phrase as my motto. Now, keep in mind as you read this that I have never been one to bother with making, let alone keeping resolutions.... so even as I wrote this here post, I was not in all seriousness expecting that I would follow through with it... I was just trying to reach my self-imposed post quota... I think.

So..... following a series of unexpected events that began this past Christmas, that may or may not have been alluded to on the previous post by that person who is definitely not me, I seriously thought about making resolutions for the New Year this time around. So, on 31st of December, at about 11:39 P.M., drunk as a poet on pay day sic! I sat on the bottom step of a staircase at my Uncle's house, pen and paper in hand, poised, ready to seriously start on the resolution writing process.....Hic!

I'll cut this part of my story short, since that is as much of that night as I remember, but suffice it to say that numerous searches of my person; pockets, crevices, etc, since then have not elicited any written list of resolutions.... Quite to the contrary, numerous photos arriving in my mailbox since then show evidence of said paper, or one very similar to it, being torn into shreds and thrown up in the air in some celebratory gesture.

It has taken me slightly longer than a month, and another disappointing Superbowl, for me to consolidate those shreds and come up with my New Years resolution(s)... hence the title of this post being Happy New Year.

I will not bore you with the details of the process.... nor will I bother to paste a picture of what they(my resolutions) finally looked like... But, I will let you know this, I did decide to keep with the theme I used last year... only this time the reckless abandon will be tempered with good judgement(where available) and a general sense of direction(true north and the likes).

I will also let you know that I had decided (and Crys u would have loved this one) to stop drinking, what with the gas prices rising and the credit crunch..... crunching, coupled with our new President asking us to be more responsible n shit, but then I happened to pick up his autobiography of sorts and chanced upon him drinking cham or chang'aa, or 'moonshine' as he so eloquently calls it back in Kendu Bay.

Now, who am I to reduce my chances of becoming the forty-something-eth President of the US of A....... those chances are already slim as it is. So, in a bid to emulate his story and to, perhaps, capture the dreams of my own father, and further my political aspirations, I will keep tipping the bottle and pouring libation to our common ancestors even as we enter this hope-filled era of bipartisan partisanship.

Hic! Happy New Year.... Again...Hic!
And screw Santa.... no more Christmas Lists.


beth♥ said...

Drink copious amount of alcohol for me while you are at it!!! :o)

Crystal balls said...

:D that's all i'm saying ;)

KK said...

Fi sure Beth... hic! fi sure.

Crys... I can see your mouth move, but I can't hear what you are saying... damn this alcohol.

Tandra said...

but u r silly, to be sure.


(i b wait 2 c if change'apenz)

31337 said...

all teh best with your true, or false north stuff. i decided to just stay alive, i believe fastly that that is all i need!

SupremeGREAM said...




bomseh said...

And good luck in your changaa endeavours.

Loco said...

Here's to the next drunken president!!! *Pours libation and lifts the glass of changaa!* Chiarz!!

Loco said...

Here's to the next drunken president!!! *Pours libation and lifts the glass of changaa!* Chiarz!!

savvy said...

Screw change, just as long as you are happy

Maua said...

Screw Xmas lists, Santa knows them by heart.