Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy New Year

Its finally done... we, or should I say I, can now begin my year. Now that the football season is done, my life - temporarily put on hold as I rode the euphoria of my team (being the 'greatest Team' in the world), setting out to make Sport's History, can finally go on..... And yes among my resolutions this new year is that I am officially resigning from my self appointed position of 'football fan' and though I am not necessarily getting rid of all the fan - paraphernalia that I own, I am definitely getting rid of the Crazy notion that my thoughts, my Will and or my prayers can influence in any way the outcome of a game of football.

So yes, no more sleepless nights on the week leading to a 'big game' on Sunday night. No more skipping class to go catch Monday Night football..... no more anxiety about a game that I really knew nothing about a mere four years ago...... and forget about idolizing a bunch of overpaid gentlemen in ridiculous outfits no matter how personable they maybe and enough about football already.

Other than that one I do not have specific resolutions for this not so new year hence why I am writing this now. I do, though, have a theme that really resonates my ideals, so to speak, of what I want this year to be like..... With Reckless Abandon... I will pursue my goals of yester years, I will set out to carve my place in History and yes with Reckless Abandon, I will live my life to the fullest this year and the next ones until my energy wanes..... Happy New Year peeps and all the best to you and yours.


modoathii said...

hehehe, first timer here...well, of course you shed your, erm, fan status just in time, coz the greatest team in the world, wasn't.

good luck, it's tool ate now to say new year, but have a good year.

KK said...

@ modoathii
Thanks bro.... they say that some of the greatest virtues come by way of dissapointment......

gaclorack said...

Rantings of a disappointed and quite possibly bitter fan. No worries the greatest team will hopeful do something to win back your favor next season and believe you will find yourself in front of your t.v. screen next season and its very likely you will still have on that pats jersey and blanket on you! But until then keep on keepin on. With reckless abandon!