Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Captain n I... and other reacquaintance storos

So today I woke up at like 7:00 a.m WTF! On my day off, come now... But no problem, I was on my way back to lala land in minutes.... that is till I remembered this girl I'd been chatting with on Bearshare last night (or was that this morning?), before I drifted off. Long of it, at 8:30 I was huffing and puffing as I jogged past my workplace, trying to keep up with my jogging partner, who seems to want to prove that what they say about her in the gossip columns is true.... 'That when she calls, men come running.' Very out of breath but glad all the same that I wasn't inside kissing @ss, having extricated myself reluctantly from a steamy chat session that was only marred by the fact that this girl is in Italy.

So yes suga... I did go running like I had told you I would... 2010 Boston Marathon is back on the door of my fridge as a goal. And to tell you the truth, getting reacquainted with my shortfalls was no fun... At least not nearly as getting reacquainted with you yesterday was.... but I'm getting ahead of myself once again.

First, the Captain:-

Captain Morgan stolen from here

So the other day, Sunday - Memorial day these sides, the Captain and I got reacquainted.

K: Hi how u doing? I'm K; KK

Cpt: Morgan, Captain Morgan (winking conspiratorially)

K: Well Cpt... Mighty glad to remake your acquaintance (returning the wink)

Cpt: Aye Savvy, same here mate (I could swear I detected a New Jersey accent in there somewhere).... You ready to party hommes?

K: You betcha...

And we proceeded to get to know each other, quite intimately I would venture to say. Pretty soon we were consulting each other on when to use the bathroom, weighing the risk of getting caught by the WPD with our pants down in the middle of downtown against that of trying to make it to a public latrine without dripping.

Somehow, he managed to convince me that he would be able to contain himself and not give himself away while I visited with my sick auntie in the hospital. You should have heard us argue about whose fault it was that I had belched out loud at a most inopportune moment. Apparently I should have warned him to hold his breath... Thankfully, the embarrassment didn't kill my aunt, I'd never have forgiven him otherwise. As it is we hang out all night and like always, we had a fallout at some point in the night... and as always, it was due to his stupidity.

You know, I'm kinda used by now to his antics when overindulged... The thinking that he can dance, charm, be funny... etcetera etcetera and his proceeding to act the fool as he tries to prove to the rest of us that he can. All of that I've learnt to live with... a day later it's usually all forgiven and forgotten... or more aptly forgotten and therefore forgiven. This past Sunday though, he went past stoopid to unforgivable.

Now, we all know that when the last song is playing you want to be dancing with the girl who you want to take home, or if that doesn't look like it will work out quite, at least get her number to take home. It doesn't matter that you haven't danced at all that night.... if you don't want anaa bloke doing the honors then you better be the one in whose arms she ends the party in. Now, every dude knows this... but what does the this geezer do, right before they start playing the last song, he manages to pull out of the position we have worked all night to get ensconced... the rear of this beautifoo Kenyan girl who from what I've managed to gather by then, her good looks are only rivaled by her sharpness... a good looking brainee with a great behind... can you say once in a lifetime.

Well, not the ambitious Captain... Nooo.. out of the corner of his eye he notices these good looking faces that can't stop smiling at him... and without stopping to think or at least consult with me, he lets go of the bird in hand for the two in the bu... well, ballroom actually. I am actually thinking its a good move until we move closer and I realize that I know these two girls... but alas it is too late as I get pulled into a tight warm double d hug, and a moment later the lights come on and harshly expose his glaring folly.

Being the gentleman I am, I went on to dance the last dance with my two beautifoo cousins.... well it was more to save face than anything. The Cpt was besides himself..... there is no blood connection he tried to argue but I was inconsolable. They are my cousins, and besides, I already had their numbers. So I went home to my empty bed, sullen after having told off my old friend and admonished him that I did not expect him to be there when I got up in the morning.

Second the BHH.....

Two O'clock next afternoon, last night's saga nearly forgotten but for the nagging headache the good captain left behind, found me racing to what has become our annual BHHs (Boston chapter) with Suga.... BHH for those not in the know stands for Bloggers Happy Hour with the s in ours denoting the several hours it lasted. The highlight, other than seeing my dear Tandra, whom I hadn't seen since Thanksgiving last year, was the ride on the Subway, which given that she uses it quite often, wasn't as awesome to her as it was to me. But given the recent crash that resulted in part (or was it entirely) because the driver was texting while driving, I couldn't wait to get on and watch, with my camera on the ready, incase this driver was waiting to learn from his own experience. But this driver was either good, or too good at hiding his texting.

So... sorry, no pictures of peeps doing what they shouldn't while doing what they should. Instead, here is one of me while we were having lunch at 'Dick's Last Resort' whose name should tell you enough about our experience there. If it doesn't, then this picture of the paper hat that our brash waitress made for me should.

100_0036 100_0036

If that didn't do it.. then go here

All in all, a good time was had by all as we explored Boston... a beautiful city I would recommend for all to visit.... when it's warm. Frigid Boston is exactly that, frigid. Take my word for it. We saw the greatest places on earth via the huge Mugar Omni Imax at the Museum of Science, that is a must visit, though we both agreed that the director obviously forgot to consult with us when picking out these 'Great' places.

Last and least...

About a quarter off 1:00 this morn... that is quarter to for those of u who like me were not brought up in New England, I get home with one thought in mind... sleep! Except it wasn't to be as my South-African-Italian friend was online and interested in talking... Crys was also on and in a bloody shock and the glass of Cpt and coke was still swirling around in my head... traveling all too familiarly in my system. Yes, I know, My name is KK and I have a weakness for Captain Morgan.

In Other News:-

We are officially retiring our trusty mammoth of a phone -

05262009034 Nokia E61

It served me valiantly for four months in the face of sleeker fancier phones... It actually outlived my last failed relationship... Good Lord, the secrets it's carried for me. But don't worry my ol' fella... you've been replaced by a sleeker, thinner, smaller, faster, sexier and definitely worthy replacement. What do you know, it can even take pictures... Well u should know since I took this one of you with it. Unfortunately I couldn't use u to take one of it with you coz of course you have no camera. But never one to be ashamed... I stole another

E71 Nokia E71

I apologize for the extra long post... please feel free to skip over whatever content you find unappealing:) If the Cpt. Morgan picture is yours and u object to my use of it, please let me know in the comments section and I'll find a replacement... Heck, if it's not yours and you don't like my use of it... let me know.


Tandra said...

ooo me likey!!! can i borrow????

Mama said...

LOL at Captain Morgan's influence! These things make people do the darndest things! Mpaka dancing with your cousins?

I like your old phone...this new one doesn't come in white? Send oldie my way dear!

Crystal balls said...

i commented! i did!! **pout**

anyway, love the post, and the new layout. cute :)

Our Kid said...

Ahoy! The Captain knows best!

Anonymous said...

what more can i say?captain morgan..mwathani...nice post

KK said...

@Tandra.... Mmmmhhm what exactly r we borrowing.
@Mama.... I tell u. Though in all honesty, dancing with the cuzos wasn't bad at all.... Only the timing was. As for the phones.. C me sideways for the old wan. The new one does come in white... But mine is metallic grey n lks evn better in prsn.
@Crys... Thank u dear. I'm still gettin used to it.
@Our Kid... I beg to differ. He thinks he does.
@Anon... Mwathani n Capt Morgan in the same sentense may b considered blasphemous:) thanks all the same

Maua said...

You befriend Cpt and then tell him to disappear by morning. No wonder he leaves in a rush and forgets the hangie over your head.
Nice post.

|d®| said...

The Captain & Coke go together very well indeed, sir. Good choice. Fair winds and following seas, my friend!

That's some funny sh*t, the skid-marks. Where did you go to next - Dick's Sporting Goods? lol!

KK said...

Thanks Maua... It's a love hate relationship we have.

@|d®|You damn right it was... LOL! No there was enough Dicks at the the last resort.

Shiko-Msa said...

Ooooh kumbe it was the Captain! Lol. Good writing.

bomseh said...

My friend is Roy. Viceroy. I like your relationship with Captain though. Nice post.

joyunspeakable said...

At first I was like who is this Imposter you were meeting? Then i was like haiya...the captain is definately a lost goat leading a sheep....Keep away from the Captain...

savvy said...

I like metallic gray more than silver or white...so I like the new phone you got.

And I am now busy reconstructing the top part of your face that is covered by the 'hat' through imagination.