Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Could you be loved.....

Post title inspired by Bob Marley's song of the same title.... There is no corelation btwn post and title... so don't look for it. This past valentines, once again feeling the pressure (mine own) to post something profound, I went looking to one of the greatest lovers that have entertained the world and all I found was a title. Not that there wasn't in his huge discography enough lyrics to inspire a mini baby boom, but my not so vain need to keep this post authentically K left no room for plagiarism or whatever posting other people's lyrics is called.

Then today... almost three months later, having the posting itch again, I went into my archives and found this draft title and decided that my post could fit well with the title:-P Now that an eventual exit from my current relationship is looking more and more inevitable (don't ask... and please SE don't say you told me so), I guess the revelation from a dear friend and workmate during the im conversation that follows below will turn out to be quite useful. The last half of it contains the said revelation but I thought I'd post the whole conversation for context... maybe not, for fun.

No, I do not record all my conversations with her or with anyone for that matter; I just did this one because I thought, at the time, that the info here was priceless. I have done my best to remove any identifying info to avoid any potential embarrasment to my dear fried LK, and the wonderful company we work for.

BTW, it wasn't long after this conversation was held when the long arm of the law reached out and picked up the phone, and in no uncertain terms and in the warm and beautiful voice of my then boss, now my boss' boss' boss, let me know that company IM was for company business only and I was not to IM LK again unless it was on said company business.

I apologize to the non-sheng' speakers... Even in it's mildest form I'm sure it will throw you off a little, just skip over the words you don't understand. The context, I'm sure, will come through anyway. And for those of you who can follow, the misplaced Rs, like in ROR are a private joke - something to do with one of my heavily accented tribesmen trying to hit on her.

LK [8:47 AM]: hello

KK [8:47 AM]: habari ya wikendi?

LK [8:49 AM]: went well - how was urs......?

KK [8:49 AM]: not bad either

LK [8:50 AM]: went to Woburn to see my boy B - aish, ur mama likes you....huko ni mbali, I drove mpaka I got tried.

LK [8:52 AM]: I even took a nap when I got there

KK [8:55 AM]: lol! How's the poor baby

LK [8:58 AM]: he was doing ok - but was so much better by the time I left......

KK [8:59 AM]: ya wareva

LK [9:03 AM]: lakini Woburn is far.......

KK [9:04 AM]: yes... Is why I appreciate her driving here so... especially since she hates driving

LK [9:08 AM]: I definately feel her pain

KK [9:09 AM]: Pain? Love obscures any pain

LK [9:10 AM]: whatever!!! its more like madness

KK [9:11 AM]: it's been called a lot of things

LK [9:17 AM]: did u work this weekend?

KK [9:18 AM]: yes...

LK [9:18 AM]: n did she come?

KK [9:18 AM]: yes.. jana

LK [9:19 AM]: so she is home right now......?

KK [9:19 AM]: yap

LK [9:19 AM]: heh! u r spoilt. its amazing u do come to work and leave her at home

KK [9:20 AM]: why? She is spoilt... nimeacha ka amelala n we went out jana

LK [9:26 AM]: oh where did u go?

KK [9:27 AM]: Fusion

LK [9:27 AM]: he! how was it?

KK [9:27 AM]: kawa... not too many peeps

LK [9:29 AM]: n the music? who else was there?

KK [9:29 AM]: Music was off the hinges... just the kawa guys and some girls

LK [9:32 AM]: oh - did u have fun?

KK [9:32 AM]: Yes... I did

LK [9:45 AM]: stayed mpaka the club eneded?

KK [9:45 AM]: much to my regret

LK [9:46 AM]: lol - u r strong

LK [9:57 AM]: got ur tax money......fianlly made an appt.

KK [9:58 AM]: with who?

LK [9:58 AM]: the dude that does my taxes

LK [10:02 AM]: u coming over to the front desk soon?

KK [10:03 AM]: Yes... why?

LK [10:03 AM]: need a spoon. Home alone on this end doing payroll

KK [10:03 AM]: half an hour she said

LK [10:04 AM]: k i'll go get it - in 1/2hr my blood sugar will be too low

KK [10:25 AM]: Did u get ur spoon?

LK [10:26 AM]: no not yet - busy

KK [10:26 AM]: k

LK [10:26 AM]: bring me 2

KK [4:21 PM]: How is it coming along?

LK [4:21 PM]: done with the entry - now to edit. need to leave like 20 minutes early too - post office run how is mama

KK [4:22 PM]: Good n satisfied Brought her to a Chinese eatery for lunch

LK [4:23 PM]: this time she did not cook? its good to be spoilt - oh how I wish what Chinese Eatery?

KK [4:25 PM]: Harvest Moon

LK [4:25 PM]: seen it - cannot remember - is it the one on Gold Star?

KK [4:26 PM]: Yes

LK [4:26 PM]: oh!

KK [4:27 PM]: what?

LK [4:29 PM]: is there a place to sit in there?

KK [4:30 PM]: Yes... dimly lit for a very romance inducing ambiance

LK [4:31 PM]: ROR Stop the afternoon madness........L;MAO

KK [4:32 PM]: Wewe... u don't jua chinese food aroma is full of pheromones?


KK [4:33 PM]: Si that's why most love scenes are preceded by ordering out Chinese

LK [4:33 PM]: Sweet Jesus - u get even funnier.....................................ROR!!!!

KK [4:34 PM]: haiya...its no joke... so when a jamaa suggests u do Chinese.. insist on eating out
rather than ordering in unless of course

LK [4:35 PM]: FYI - has nohing to do with the food - a mama already knows if she will or will not
do anything with you, from kitambo

KK [4:36 PM]: Now that is cheating on your part.... yaani u acha I expend all my resources and u jua what the end result will be already

LK [4:37 PM]: its not kwa ubaya - we are still seeing if anything would go down, should we not give it up......we call it research

KK [4:39 PM]: mhmm! Well, then in the future, should I get back in the mkt so to speak, I'll stick to Chinese food coz its cheap and if she was to give it up she will if not ni sawa tu... at least I didn't go broke in the process

LK [4:39 PM]: ror thats the problem - im a mama of steak n potatoes not Chinese

KK [4:41 PM]: but u have to admit it.... there is a certain romanticism to ordering Chinese..

LK [4:41 PM]: uh...nope I need a man who can cook some soft steak, and take off the 'mafuta' for me

KK [4:42 PM]: aish

LK [4:42 PM]: oh yeah- if u say u'll cook nyama for me - it had better be soft

KK [4:43 PM]: ara... si I thought that was standard..

LK [4:44 PM]: nope - some make it hard rookies darn, rookies

KK [4:44 PM]: who dat... who pikiad u hard nyama?

LK [4:45 PM]: ror - no names will be disclosed

KK [4:45 PM]: ndiyo... sawa tu.. I'll figure it out one way or the other

LK [4:45 PM]: lol

KK [4:45 PM]: si I thougt u were leaving 20 min early

LK [4:46 PM]: grrh forgot - laters

KK [4:47 PM]: baadayes

LK [4:49 PM]: k - nite

KK [4:49 PM]: nite

And to think I cooked.... and still didn't get any. I basically just came short of proposing before I could get some. Where were you LK when I needed this advice. Now a heart is about to be broken, and my car possibly keyed if not worse.

Sigh! Games people play.


Mama said...

We learn new things everyday, I didn't know that about Chinese food! But ati pheromones? KK wewe! Eish!

cloudvillian™ said...

"we call it research" lol.

Anonymous said...

Lol no ROR at the research. That conversation is too funny. About the Chinese food, am glad I don't like that stuff!

Are you about to break a heart purely cos of that 'research' maneno?

KK said...

No FG..I'm breaking it coz I'm a moron and don't know any better. Actually, I was a moron and should have known better.

Crystal balls said...

Hehehe. Chinese food. Noted :)

|d®| said...

Most love scenes are preceded by ordering out Chinese? And she needs a man who can take mafuta off the steak? Too funny! I mean, ROR!

Loco said...

Hehe, your poor car!! ROR! A chinese eatery called Harvest moon?!! Teeheehee!!

Maua said...

You cooked and still ended up bilaz, could have just ordered chinese. ROR.

savvy said...

ROR.... the comments are funny. I wonder if I should experiment with the China food to confirm the research?

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