Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An ode to a wonderful boss...

Wonderful Boss
ain't that an oxymoron
a contradiction
of ample proportion
a caricature
a metaphoric contortion
set upon me
by a spiteful corporation
to crack that whip
keep me forever in motion


Mo said...

Salt-in-the-wound alert.

Contrary to popular opinion, the 'Wonderful Boss' creature really does exist. This elusive creature is sighted every day between 8am - 5pm at my department. This 'WB' creature makes his young, dynamic staff want to work for the same department till they're bent double and have to totter in on sticks.

Mo said...

p.s. laxative in coffee. ;)

for your boss, not mine. mine's too wonderful. I'd take a bullet for him... or at least a laxative-laden coffee.

KK said...

You luck sod you.... Didn't u just start working there... Mine actually is a wonderful one and just like u Mo, she just got started. It's not to her that we sing but to the position she occupies and the expectations that she has to reconcile.

joyunspeakable said...

i'm grinning!!!!

Our Kid said...

Wonderful boss an oxymoron? Surely, there must be a few.

Loco said...

Hehehe, methinks you should work for me!!

KK said...

I'd prolly enjoy working for u Loco... Scratch thay... U'd thoroughly enjoy me workIn for u... So let me know when u start hiring.

|d®| said...

A lot of them are overbearing, nit-picky pricks with sticks up their asses.
[And in case there's a keylogger on my system:]
But not mine. I love my boss.