Friday, April 3, 2009

Dreadlocs vs Boob job

A somber, or should I say sobering, moment infront of my mirror this morning led to the realization that I cannot, with a good conscience, continue to put off that make-over job I've been procrastinating on these past few years.

Due to that long-standing absolute law of economics otherwise AKA Opportunity Cost, I have to choose between doing up my hair and toning up my body. Both should,hopefully, have the same desired effect of giving my personality a much needed boost of character and who knows maybe even the much sought after side-effect of attracting and holding the attention of the opposite sex.

Now, recession or no recession, this make-over is way overdue and cannot be put off any longer... and being the patriot (sic) that I am, I have to take O's lead and inject some cash into our ailing economy and hope... even should his unprecedented spending spree not lead to the recovery we are all crossing our fingers for, that posterity will remember the intent of my contribution and not judge me too harshly.

So... the costs from a not too analytical point of view and not bothering with updating the figures from years ago when I last attempted the same make-over on a much younger body.

Twisting - $60.00
1 follow ups @ $40.00 each - $40.00
Bi-weekly touch -up @ $25.00 each - $600.00
Cleaning & Conditioning supplies $9:00 per month - $108.00

Total yearly cost $808.00

Sign up fees - $79.00
Uniform plus $100.00 running shoes - $170.00
monthly chrgs @ $39.99 - $479.88
Yearly renewal - $79.00

Total yearly cost $807.88

Mhmmm! Tough choice to make... and now that I see what it's gonna cost me, perhaps I should just let those with the money do the economy revival injection thing... After all, it's the thought that counts.. right?

Besides, I'm an artist... no? No one should care how I look as long as I keep pretending to write... right?


Mo said...

I remember seeing this article that said, physically speaking the wolves (AKA ladies) fancy a hot body above good facial structure, great hair... etc

But then again, dreadlocks would bolster that eccentric artist/writer image and you could get away with looking like you dressed in the dark.

Choices choices.

Mo said...

I left out a , in that comma-nt.

KK said...

Mhmmm! That's an interesting claim Mo... What article was that.... I'd hate to follow it's advise only to find out the author was describing himself.

joyunspeakable said...


Loco said...

I won't even lie, me I have a dreadlock fetish, men with good locks.... (Fullstop)

Mo said...

It was some sort of a survey thing whereby ten random women were asked to rank what they found most (physically) attractive in a man. 7 or 8 of the women placed a hot bod first.

Anyway, LOCO just gave away the secret to getting her heart in MOTION. Add a flight ticket to Kuala Lumpur to those expenses.

nikolas said...

i would go for the one that is a dollar more. i get to sit about on my buttocks while dude i pay sets about working on my head. the other option will cause me to start working [out] etc. too lazy i am.

Crystal balls said...

i'm a hair person myself...but with a little DIY u can get both. all u need is a bunch of kimbo tins filled with cement, and a fast-talking girl with soft little hands and you're set. Oh, u also need a loooooot of free time ;)

Tandra said...

(((falls off chair laughing)))

mwasjd said...

I have the locks, thankfully maintenance in Kenya is far cheaper than your place. And would vote for them over the body job, you can't guarantee the attention will come. Locks will get you noticed anytime! And that's great for an artist...

|d®| said...

Trust me Kei, coming from one that used to be chubby: Nothing beats a kick-ass physique. Everything gets better after that. Everything.

sleek said...

i think ur figures are a lil' out there...but my 2 pence: the gym's effects aren't always seen; for some, the status quo dznt change even after years sweating it the dreads, do the dreads..

pink m said...

Kinda biased here cos I think locks are dirty (so is all kinds of hairdo you can't wash daily), so I would go with gym.

BigMcSticks said...

youre ridiculous
i have dreads had em for about a year now theyre not perfect but i love all my friends say theyre cool and they drive girls crazy and ive only spent about 40 dollars the whole time on a couple products and some combs
i hope you got dreads but not that you spent 800 dollars on them lol