Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's all in my mind

I determined about three or four weeks ago not to feel cold........ Thats right, I believe it's all in the head. Actually, I read somewhere of this guy who froze to death after accidentally locking himself in one of them freezer trucks that transport meats and other perishables....... Strange thing was, the freezer was actually not on and the temperatures inside were just slightly below room temperature... Poor dude had actually created the freezing elements in his head and proceeded to freeze his body...... How cruel.

Now, having slept thru Gathanwa's Biology classes, it was easy for me to figure out what the outcome would be were the circumstances to be reversed. So I went ahead and spent the money I'd been saving for a winter coat on some esophagus-warming fluids and went on to brave the elements with regular fall wear..... long sleeves and scarves, threadbare gloves and beanie... And believe you me, even when the natives were scurrying about trying to get to the warm interiors quickest possible, I was comfortable enough to stroll from my car to wherever I was going without feeling that cold. Yes, even when the average temps were in the one digits for the Fahrenheit-ers or in the negatives for those of you who are Celsius inclined.

Amazing what the mind can do huh? Two days ago I decided I was going to be sick.... stupid right? Yes, in hindsight now I know..... At the time , well, it seemed advantageous.... I had a test coming up that I had been too lazy to study for and I really didn't want to go to work.... so what better excuse to stay home and study. By the end of that day I was sniffling and true to form, I woke up (was rudely woken) at 2 a.m. and the first thing I noticed was the soreness in my throat. Needless to say I didn't go to work yesterday and yes I did manage to do some studying.... not that it helped.

Now, how to reverse this mind thing.... I went to work this morning and wished I hadn't... I was in such a sorry state... I was sneezing and sniffling all over the place and the box of tissues I bought on my way to work was not nearly adequate..... It was just pitiful.... The medication has not helped either... perhaps because there is no bug to kill.... and while I have tried to tell myself that I am not sick, my mind can't seem to get around all these yucky tissues all over the place. I guess I'll sleep over it tonight and see if I can come up with another ingenious idea.


Crystal balls said...

Well, you could always think up a night nurse to make you all better...but that would probably make you want to stay sick longer. Go one better and dream up an imaginary swedish doctor with a big fat needle. The fear alone will cure you. ;)

PS: the mond is a truly amazing thing. you can think yourself to death like the freezer guy (i raed about him too), you can mentally keep warm, but you can never find the important stuff like where you left your car keys, ot the answer to that 20 point essay question in an exam!!!

31337t said...

Dude, frostbite ring a bell? You might be making quite intimate friends soon!

I can think up a number of more constructive things to happen other than a bout of flu....

KK said...

Crys am working on the essay thing... hopefully I figure it out before I graduate:)

@ 32337t - you are right, I could have rekilled my already three times dead granny (God rest her soul).