Friday, February 8, 2008

Pizza for lunch today.... Boss is paying for it too and that on a day when I went out of my way to get me a good (read quantity not quality) breakfast this morning..... But am not one to turn down a free 'meal' complemented by a slew of those funny anecdotes that only a semi-diverse workplace can provide. (Semi in this case being me:))

I'm not complaining though... today has been great so far; if I can forget, that is, the awful headache I woke up with this morning. Whoever heard of a hangover after an alcohol free night.... surely this world really is coming to an end.... I think Crystal may be right... I'll need to find me a bunker, I have several Bibles but I don't feel anywhere close to reassured.

Anyway, TGIF... I just hope it doesn't end on a weekend. Then again... maybe it should, me from facing another Monday.......
On a lighter, nigh brighter note - I'm going to a concert by Luciano (Bob Marley b-Day bash) tonight.... looking forward to some soul cleansing mixed in with involuntary euphoria... I hope it ends tonight - The world that is....... Cloud nine really sounds like a good headstart to me. Anyways, cheers good people of the world..... Hope you have an eye-opening weekend....Really

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