Tuesday, February 5, 2008


What's one to do when they've reached the top and there is no mountain left to climb... when they've broken all records and made one of their own, when they've been considered great by their peers and been immortalized in the local and not so local lore? How does one stay relevant when we know that time waits for no man.... and the sun doesn't wait for the King?


gaclorack said...

I guess what they say is true Mpanda gazi hushuka. What goes up must come down. You can only console yourself with the fact that you did infact get to the top of the mountain! No matter how much you hate the trek down or worst still the fall you can always take pride in the knowledge that you were at the mountaintop and the view from up there was spectacular!!! Nobody can take that away from you!

Crystal balls said...

it's interesting how other people never see you as you see yourself. they may think you're 'there' but you're wondering 'what now'. I say sprout wings, spot a new mountain and fly to the top of that...life is all about perspective. and if you keep looking for them, you never run out of mountains. ;-)