Thursday, February 7, 2008


I wake up this morning and realize that my alarm's running slow again. I check my cellie and nope, I just ran out of sleep before I ran out of time. I hate it when that happens.... so I shut my eyes again and try to go back to la la la land. I turn to my side and feign surprise that the other half of the bed is empty...... Oh Well! I finally start to drift back to sleep when the shrill ringing of the alarm interrupts. I reach over and caress the snooze button and smoothly continue on my downward spiral into oblivion.

It happens five more times in the next fifteen minutes - yes I have a 3 minute snooze - genius, - before I finally give up and drag myself to the shower.... Afterwards as I'm catching up with my roomie whom I haven't seen since that fateful Sunday, see here, I happen to glance out the window. For a moment I'm thinking my car's been stolen, and then I realize that no, its just been re-painted white by mother nature. You know... just like my biological one, this mother needs to leave me the hell alone. I love her and all but I wish she just wouldn't....

Anyway, I'm wondering how the F#$% I will make it thru work today. I am feeling way worse than I was feeling yesterday...... which wasn't bad at all, so you can only imagine. Only thing is everyone at work wants to know if I am feeling any better and so I've been lying thru my teeth all morning. WTF

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