Monday, March 10, 2008

++++++++++++ Crossroads; The Devil n I +++++++

I went down to the Crossroad;
last night
And me n the Devil;
we got real tight
He paid. I overindulged;
then I took flight
But not before signing some contract;
to his delight
My soul, now, belongs to him;
as of last night


candybox said...

Now, now, have you not learnt any life lessons about selling your soul to the devil? lol

KK said...

Too many.... its tuff to remember them all, so I chose not to remember any:)

Crystal balls said...

glad you're for gymnastic abilities...;)...oh btw, he didn't faint...but only coz he didn't get it. sigh. a fie on simple minded beauties!! so you're still in the [gymnastic] ring, so to speak, and with beijing just 100 days away, who knows, you just might get the silver...:)

I love the poem - i do believe i've discovered ur muse!! selling your soul? well, at least u got sth for it...too often we give the devil his due for free! talk to you soon.

31337t said...

Oh, this, finally, what kept you? [scoots over a few blocks of coal]

KK said...

@Crys:Really? What r my chances;)
Tks for the accolades.... too bad I have to share them with the him... heck of a deal I got.

@31337t:LOL! I've been wondering about you.

Crystal balls said...

About your chances, as Archer would say, see me sideways for details. ;) and as for your Muse, i think when she's not wearing blue, her name is Monday...have you noticed that's generally when you go sonnetic?