Saturday, March 22, 2008

Things we do for love.... for not

I was going to write about what our Lord did for the love he had for us but Maua beat me to it..... O.k. I lie.... but my dear M, I couldn't have written a better piece if I'd tried.

But try I was not willing.... I was pretty occupied trying not to freeze to death in a line waiting to enter a nightclub in Boston -downtown... Yaani... Me... a grown ass man chilling(no pun intended) in a line in sub-zero weather and not dressed for it either.

Now I know what some of you are thinking... if it's a sawa club then some things you have to be willing to compromise.... nah ah. Not me... I have driven past those long lines outside clubs and commented to whoever happened to be within earshot on the sheer madness of the whole idea...

I mean, 12A.M you are lining up for how long and for what? To help the DJ pack up?

Well, last night or this morning to be specific found me in line in the midst of fast talking leather clad, stilleto wielding girls and.... well I didn't get to look at the boys but they were there too. I had with me not my usual quorum of 1 but a bevy.... mhhhh!... yes 4 beautiful African.... sorry of African descent girls.

Now you may begin to errr.... understand why my scantily clad ass was shivering waiting to be felt up by an ugly ass mother........ and enduring the one eyed scrutiny of who must be the ugliest bouncer in Boston - and mean to boot.

Four girls my brodas.... four girls, and I endured umm! all night.. till four thirty this morning... then went to bed alone. How, you wonder.... does one wine it and wuk it and roll it out with four girls that long and still end up going home alone? It's simple... you just have to be me.

I actually had gone out with my beautiful cousin and her three friends - all with Caribbean roots... and despite having frozen our bodies by the time the measly bastards at the door let us in, we proceeded to have ourselves a really good time... really.

At the end of which we lost two of them to the cold, blustery winds at two when the club closed and the fight broke out. Well somebody said that one did, I was nowhere near the commotion so don't go referring the CIA to me... I can not afford to help them.

So two gone and one left.... right? Wrong... seems a friend of hers was waiting in the area and they were ready to catch up.... and not with me. So at this point you'd expect that I'd wise up and leave... go get some sleep, but uh uh. The cousin's friend's friend had a friend that he wanted cousin to meet... so being the sport that I am, I ended up on another line at two thirty in the morning.... shivering in what must have been sub zero degree weather, waiting to go into a late night dinner joint for the love of my dear cousin.

Now I know its nowhere close in magnitude to that of Jesus,but my near death experience was my 'good deed for Love' this easter weekend. Its not what I'd set out to blog about.... but I am at the moment sleep derived and my brain is nowhere near optimum function capability.


Maua said...

Don't worry, 'the things you do for love', you'll get tired. I remember a time when I could dance the whole night, now, I prefer my gals' nights, with our bottles as we gossip away.

31337 said...

I choose not. No way, maybe for a really hot prospect would i wait outside a club in a q no less, i hate qs with a passion!