Sunday, April 6, 2008

Coming Soon.....

Me I..... An autobiography. My fictitious life.

I know what you are wondering.... Ain't one supposed to live his life first... and achieve some sort of significance worthy of the paper it will be printed on.... let alone the person's time, who will be reading said memoirs?

And you are right in thinking that... I think you are... you after all, are always right, as a customer.

Well... in this case you are yet to take on that title... not till you see my face on the New York Best Seller list..... and decide that perhaps you may, just this once, stoop that low, as to be able to pick it up from the bottom of said list. No?

That's right... you'll probably wait for Oprah to validate me... huh?

But truth be known... and tis the truth this time... I cannot afford to put off the writing of this biography, just like I cannot afford to hire someone to ghost write it for me.

Like most of the other great things I aspire to do..... this too, if I don't get on top of it right away, may be forever relegated into that not so foreign realm of perpetual procrastination.... from where it will be lucky if it ever catches a glimpse of the sun shining.

The other thing you are probably wondering is how I plan on passing off a work of fiction as a biography.... or better still, why I feel the need to lie about my life.

Well, truth is.... it's rather hard to get into.

Truth that is. My truth especially. I don't even know that it exists. I sincerely hope it does though; for relevance..... you know... How else to validate a lie?

So write I will... and read you may. Hell... if you are patient enough, and willing of course, you may be able to dig thru the layers of ambiguity and see my life for what its going to be...

Long, lived short-ly.....

Or short, lived long-ly.... depending on what mirror I'll be looking into; or not.

Either way... I guess I do need to write it now... its got to be in Oprah's lifetime, and mine... yes?


31337 said...

I am here now.

Tandra said...

yes 3...but did u read it??? :D

i kinda got stuck at "Thats right.. you'll probably wait for Oprah to validate me..huh?"

Laughed myself silly, i did.

U do know...wat oprah giveth, Oprah taketh away,right??

Similar twist when i think abt it.. ficticious stuff ((evil grin))

But write away!!! Me shall b here

modo still living his said...

LOL! and they say others are mad...indeed.

write away right away.

eish, 31337 and tandra are starting to form this rivalry of justin gatlin and asafa powell, kimi raikonen and lewis hamilton etc...

Crystal balls said...

looool, you are funny! and me i definitely want to read 'Me I'. So put me down for 500. i'll read every word. promise

btw, i tried to read u on my phone last night...but the screen is too small, kama zile TV za mchongoano...but if you write 'Me I' and post it one word at a time, i think i can get it. :)

Maua said...

Eagerly waiting, and it has to be in my lifetime.

31337 said...

I did read it. It was all fictional, so i heard.

~beth ♥ said...

Write it. :o)

Anonymous said...

right and we shall read it and Oprah shall validate it..winks